Milford Antiques Show
                      at the Hampshire Hills Athletic Club
                50 Emerson Road, Milford, New Hampshire 03055

Our 43rd Year!

               Booth Rentals

Dealer set-up is from 6:30 am to 8:30 am. Most dealers arrive between 6:30 am and 7:30 am. If you arrive before 6:30 am, you can come into the building to locate your space and place your table covers. Please use the side door, next to the dealer load-in area. All space rentals include the privilege of shopping during dealer set-up. However, please do not bring any merchandise into the building until 6:30 am.

Half booths are $45 in the fall and winter.
A half booth is a good option for a dealer or customer who prefers to display a smaller amount of merchandise. It's available for only one person. The space is L-shaped and includes one 8' table, one 5' table and a chair.

Full booths are $85 in the fall and winter.
A full booth is the most popular choice among dealers. The fall / winter price has not changed in eight years. Its larger size allows your time at the show to be more productive. The space measures 10.5' x 10.5' and includes two 8' tables, two 5' tables and chairs. It's available for one or two people. 

Helpful amenities: We have around 70 hand trucks, providing an easy way to transport items between your booth and vehicle. Courteous porters are also available for further assistance. You won't need to pay extra for a wall or corner space, and each wall space comes with electrical outlets and a table lamp.  We even supply beautiful table covers at no extra charge, if you prefer to use ours.

Special packages: A prepaid package of 10 full booths is $750, saving $10 per show. A prepayment for the entire season of 24 shows will save $15 per show. If you need to cancel any shows, you can transfer your show credits to future dates. Early buyers also have discounts. Every tenth visit as an early buyer will be complimentary.

Storm Cancellations: If we cancel a show due to a snowstorm, all dealers will be notified by phone on Saturday morning. Show cancellations will appear on this website's homepage by noon on Saturday. 

We send out a small number of general updates, weather cancellations and special announcements by email. To join our email list, please click the link below: